Scheduling an Initial Evaluation

Prior to scheduling an initial evaluation, we recommend that you review Dr. Weiner's treatment philosophy, background, education, and our policies regarding payment and insurance.  If the practice seems to be the right fit for you, then the next step is to schedule a phone screening.  You may call our office directly at 720-638-6487 or submit your request using the form provided below for a faster response.  If you complete the form below, my assistant, Shaylyn, will get back to you through an email or a phone call.  You will be contacted during her office hours: Monday through Friday, 1pm- 4pm.  Please allow 24-72 business hours for Shaylyn to get back to you as we have a high volume of inquires.

**PLEASE NOTE: If you are inquiring about services for a family member or loved one, please provide their name, contact information, and any pertinent information necessary.  My assistant, Shaylyn, must reach out to the potential patient to do the phone screening and gather the necessary information from them personally.  Due to HIPAA laws, PHI, and confidentiality reasons, we cannot discuss or disclose patient information without a signed release from the patient.  Dr. Weiner treats adults (ages 21 and up) and provides services for adult clients only--he does not treat or see anyone under the age of 21.**

All new and existing patient appointments with Dr. Weiner will be in-person at our office.  Dr. Weiner does offer telemedicine/virtual appointments using HIPAA compliant video conferencing software (on a case-by-case basis).  Please inquire about this service when completing the form below or when calling the office.

If Dr. Weiner does not seem like a good fit or you would like to find someone else, the listed providers have recently opened practices and are taking new patients.  You may view their profiles on Psychology Today for more information:

Dr. Richard Froude- General Adult Psychiatry: 303-963-9331

Dr. Aaron Greenstein- Adult & Geriatric Psychiatry with a specialized interest in patients with cognitive decline and/or dementia: 303-642-6072

Dr. Ben Recca- (in addition to completing a psychiatric residency, he also completed a fellowship in substance abuse treatment): 914-415-5515 (telehealth only)

Dr. Megan McNamee- Special training in psychotherapy in addition to medication management: 720-440-2630

Screening Information

Prior to scheduling an initial evaluation, a phone screening will need to take place to which the following information is needed:


Dr. Weiner's Hours




12:00 pm-4:30 pm


7:00 am-11:30 am


7:00 am-11:30 am